రేపు AUM ధ్యానానికి వెళుతున్నాను

ఇక్కడి ఓషో గణం ఆ ధ్యానాన్ని ఏర్పాటు చేసింది. అబ్బో ఇందులో 13 దశలు వున్నాయి. ఎవరికయినా ఆసక్తి వుంటే చదవండి. వెళ్ళివచ్చాక ఆ ధ్యానం వగైరాలు ఎలా వున్నాయో వ్రాస్తాను. లండన్ నుండి ఎవరో వచ్చి ఇది మాతో చేయిస్తారుట.  నాకు ఓషో సమావేశాలకి వెళ్ళడం ఇదే ప్రధమం అవుతుంది. 

Wear comfortable clothes and bring a spare t-shirt - you'll likely get pretty hot and sweaty! So please bring a bottle of water. Also bring a cushion, mat etc. especially since the meditation space has a hard floor with no carpet.
First Stage – Anger
Expression of negativity, frustrations and anger, using any words that come (free association). Participants face each other, and discharge at the same time, moving to as many people as possible. This stage allows participants to express their ‘No’ to create space for a ‘Yes’, and to experience standing in their power.
Second Stage – Forgiveness
Facing each other, each say “I’m sorry if I hurt you”, and hug. This stage offers a bridge to turn around the energy from anger to love.
Third Stage – Love
This stage connects participants with the healing power of love. One feels nourished by expressing love and hearing that they are loveable. Facing each other, each say “I love you”, and hug.
Fourth Stage – Running
Second Wind is a Bio-energetic exercise to increase one’s energy level. It helps discovery  that we have more energy than our minds might imagine. Participants run on the spot with arms up, knees lifting high with soles of feet making contact with the earth. They stay connected with each other and make a–u can laugh, move, make jokes, be playful and have fun
Fifth Stage - Shaking
The body is in a gently vibrant state. Healing can happen on all levels and can take participants to a state of wellbeing, happiness and clarity of mind.
Taking a grounded position, participants let the whole body shake. The energy generated from the second wind helps one relax into shaking easily. The mind relaxes and muscular tensions are released.
Sixth Stage - Craziness
This is 'catharsis', a Greek word which means 'freaking out' or releasing repressed energies. This is a cleaning process. When craziness is expressed consciously, one can remain sane in your daily life. 
The group is encouraged to move, breathe and make a sound. Doing whatever comes up; scream, throw a tantrum, act like a crazy person, jump, cry.
Seventh Stage –Dance/Movement
This is a celebration of life and dance. Expressing the inner experience through the movement of one’s body.
Eighth Stage - Sadness
When one allows their expression to be one of vulnerability, to cry, one begins to heal pain and move towards a connection with their heart, towards joy.
Participants asked to sit supported with someone else and allow their tears to come.
Ninth Stage - Joy
It is well known that laughing is healing for body and mind. Tragedies turn into comedies and you can start to see the funny side of a situation.
Participants are guided to switch to the opposite emotion of joy. Giggle, have a belly laugh, move, make jokes, be playful and have fun.
Tenth Stage - Sensuality
Expression and celebration of sensuality. Participants are encouraged to dance in a sensual way with each other or by themselves.
 Eleventh Stage – AUM chanting
Aum is the fundamental sound of the universe and it integrates one’s experience of the meditation.
Using the voice in chanting, focusing on the sound is a way of stilling the mind. Standing in a circle, participants gaze softly at the light of a candle and chant the sound of AUM.
Twelfth Stage – Sitting meditation
This is an opportunity to reach an empty space and sit silently with yourself. Participants sit on their own, with eyes closed, doing nothing.
 Thirteenth Stage - Namaste and Hugging
'Namaste' is a traditional Indian greeting that means ‘I greet the Buddha in you’. This is a chance to thank each other for sharing the meditation.


  1. అక్కడా పోలింగు పెడతారాండీ ?


  2. నిత్యానంద ఇదే చేయించాడు మాతో
    రెండు రోజుల కార్యక్రమానికి ఒక రోజు లోనే ముగించాం
    మాకు నచ్చలేదు

  3. @ జిలేబీ
    ఎక్కడ పడితే అక్కడ పోలింగ్ పెడితే అందరూ కలిసి నామీదే పోలింగ్ పెడతారేమోనండీ. ఎందుకొచ్చిన గొడవ - వద్దులెండి :)

    @ అప్పి
    నాకయితే చాలా చాలా బాగా అనిపించింది. అలాంటి ధ్యానాలకు అవసరమయినంతగా మన మనస్సు పరిపక్వత సాధించకుండానే సాధన చేస్తే బోర్ కొట్టడం సహజమే కదా. మరి కొన్నేళ్ళాగి ప్రయత్నించి చూడండి.