House of Cards లాంటి సినిమా లేదా వెబ్ సిరీస్ రావాలి

వ్యవధి: మూడు నిమిషాలు

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  1. We do have some latest political genre movies like prasthanam,rajaneeti,leader etc. In 1980s too there were too many movies like aahuti, etc . But most of those movies followed the same template like rowdy turns into a politician or politician is a murderer,rapist, or husband of heroin, etc. They were awful. Let's see if realistic movies/webseries come.

    Also, politics in third world countries like india,pakistan,srilanka etc are quite different from that of US/Canada. Here in us, the politicians won't be cross breeding with corrupt officials,rowdies and criminals in wide public.
    Here everything is lobbying and dark histories. But in india, pepople and politicians aren't bothered by dark histories .